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Delivery of Services

In order to diagnose and resolve technology problems with Consumer's computer, Service Provider technicians must access Consumer's computer. The following steps are taken in order to provide the customer with the services purchased:

  • Step 1. Once the customer placed the order and the transaction was approved, merchants send a confirmation email to the customer with the order details
  • Step 2. Merchants reaches out to the customer over the phone to get more details about the technical issues or services the client wants the merchant to perform on his computer;
  • Step 3. Merchant sends a link to the customer via email to the software that the client needs to install so the merchant can access customer's computer remotely;
  • Step 4. Once the customer installs the software, merchants provides the client with the credentials to connect remotely;
  • Step 5. Once the connection is successful merchant temporarily accesses client's computer and provides the following Services:
  • a. Connect to, temporarily remotely control Consumer's computer, and temporarily modify Consumer's computer settings for purposes of providing assistance and repair if required;
  • b. Download certain diagnostic and repair software to Consumer's computer and use the software;
  • c. Gather, transfer to servers, examine and analyze information on Consumer's computer
  • d. Repair Consumer's computer problems if required; and
  • e. Provide advice on the use of Consumer's computer.
  • We use software that: (a) provides non-personal computer system information, including information about Consumer's computer's performance and configuration, to us so that we can diagnose the problem; (b) allows us temporarily to control Consumer's computer remotely and change Consumer's computer's settings so that we can work on resolving Consumer's problem; and (c) consists of utilities and tools to improve Consumer's computer's performance.

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